Developing a Training Manual for Health Care Workers Working with Key Populations

HRAPF has for the last two days been engaged in the process of reviewing the training manual for health care workers working with Key Populations. The objective of the exercise is to develop a manual that comprehensively covers the issues and vulnerabilities of all sub-categories of key populations which will be used to train health care workers to provide sensitive and friendly health services to Key Populations (KPs). Once the manual is concluded, it will be used to induct health workers, especially those in the public sector, on the differences that lead to the marginalisation of most KPs, their vulnerabilities in terms of HIV, STIs and other health challenges, the individual, societal, community and structural barriers to their access to health services and legal redress as well as the duty of health workers to provide unbiased non-judgmental health care in a friendly and sensitive atmosphere despite the legal environment.

HRAPF is excited to join with other partners in this task, and we are happy to work with THETA and the Ministry of Health to ensure that SRHR and HIV/STI prevention, care and management and other health services are not only available in health facilities but also easily accessible to key populations. We hope our clients in the LGBTI, sex workers and Drug User communities benefit from this and that improves their access to the much needed health services.







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