Dismissal of Abortion Case Against a Health Worker

Since November 2016, HRAPF has been handling a case in Mbarara involving a health care worker who provided post-abortion care to a young lady that regrettably died of post-abortion complications. The health worker was charged with manslaughter following the death of the patient, and has been answering said charges before the Chief Magistrate. During this time, HRAPF has worked tirelessly to ensure that the client is afforded a fair trial and is eventually cleared of all charges. This happened this morning when the Chief Magistrate finally dismissed all charges against our client, enabling him to return to his business and family. We acknowledge the support of the Legal Support Network in handling this matter.

Although HRAPF celebrates this achievement with our client, we recognise that this does not in any way make up for the damage to his professional reputation. The laws regulating abortion in Uganda continue to victimize health workers who have a sworn duty to assist all clients, including those seeking post-abortion care. HRAPF however is still dedicated to advocating for a legal and policy environment that supports the realization of the full range of sexual and reproductive health rights for women in Uganda, and to protecting women and health workers in conflict with abortion-related laws through the provision of quality legal aid services.




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