HRAPF changes staff structure

By hrapf
In July 6, 2017

For the past six months, HRAPF has been undertaking a restructuring process that saw the Board of Directors introducing five new positions: Ag. Deputy Executive Director; Director, Programmes; Director, Operations and Programmes Support; Head, Access to Justice Division; and Head, Research and Advocacy Division. An internal recruitment process was conducted and the positions were filled. The following are the office bearers for the above positions, and their official contact details:

1. Ag. Deputy Executive Director – Ms. Joaninne Nanyange – Email: – Tel: +256700 536327.

2. Director, Programmes- Mr. Edward Mwebaza- Email- – TEL: +256703 011788.

3. Director, Operations and Programmes Support- Mr. Anthony Mutimba – Email – Tel: +256706 536302.

4. Head, Access to Justice Division- Ms. Patricia Kimera- Email: – Tel: +256706 536304.

5. Head, Research and Advocacy Division- Ms. Flavia Zalwango – Email – Tel: +256706 536301.

The re-structuring was aimed at increasing efficiency and encouraging harmonization of the organisation work. Work previously done under units was merged to form divisions and Division heads given the latitude to direct the mode of work with their teams. The organization conducted an internal recruitment process, where staff members competitively applied for the different positions and were subjected to interviews. We congratulate those that made it through and hope to see the changes bear fruit. Please feel free to engage the said office bearers, by reaching them on the contacts provided above.

Thank you for all the support to HRAPF, and for working with us. We pledge to serve you better and to deliver on our commitments.

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