HRAPF releases analysis of the Human Rights Enforcement Bill, 2015

By hrapf
In March 17, 2017
HRAPF has made an analysis of The Human Rights Enforcement Bill, 2015. The Bill was published in the Uganda Gazette on 1 October 2015 as Bill No 26 of 2015. The Bill is sponsored by the Human Rights Committee of Parliament and its main objective is to give effect to Article 50(4) of the Constitution by providing for the procedure of enforcing human rights under Chapter Four of the Constitution. The Bill was tabled in Parliament for its first reading on 10 November 2015 and is currently with the Committee on Legal and Parliamentary affairs for considerations, consultations and reviews.

The Bill has bearing on the rights of marginalised groups in as far as it can be used to ensure that their constitutional rights are enforced and that violations of rights are addressed. The Bill was analysed by HRAPF through the lenses of ensuring that optimum protection would be provided to these groups and that they would not be excluded from the protection and benefits which the Bill aims to provide.

For further details read our full analysis:

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