This is a core institutional development program that aims at building HRAPF into a strong and vibrant human rights advocacy organization. It focuses on creating the appropriate institutional structures and organizational framework for the efficient and effective implementation of the program activities and realization of the HRAPF goal. It is therefore the anchor of the above two programs.

The set priorities under this program are:

i) Policy development

These are aimed at improving efficiency in operations and utilization of material, human and financial resources.

ii) Human resource management and development

This aims at ensuring that HRAPF creates and implements a human resource management strategy that complies with statutory requirements and best practices in order to recruit and maintain staff with the right skills and competencies to meet the challenges ahead.

iii) Strengthening governance structures and building membership

This aims at ensuring that HRAPF’s institutional governance structures are established in accordance with the national legal framework and that their roles are clearly defined in the Memorandum and Articles of Association and; to increase the membership base in order to strengthen the identity of the organization.

iv) Strengthening HRAPF‘s Monitoring and Evaluation systems

This is aimed at setting up systems and structures to facilitate learning and improve the quality of programs and contribute to advocacy efforts.