Pioneer issue of Paralegal Magazine Out

By hrapf
In July 10, 2017

One of the most successful and recognizable programs at HRAPF is the paralegal training program. In this program, HRAPF in partnership with other organizations, identifies people from its target communities and trains them to become community paralegals. Their major role is to provide legal first aid, create awareness on human rights and be the link between HRAPF and the communities we serve. This program started in 2010 and to date, we have trained 106 paralegals. They include sex workers, LGBTI persons, women living with HIV and indigent women in rural central Uganda trained on land justice issues.

These paralegals have done a lot of work that we are proud of. They have continuously increased access to justice for their community members and have embodied the empowerment we all seek for marginalized persons in Uganda. Despite the challenges they face, they have persevered and carried on with the important work entrusted to them.

As a way of introducing them to the public and documenting their work and experiences, HRAPF intends to publish an annual magazine titled ‘I am a Community Paralegal’. The first issue of the magazine, dubbed the ‘pioneer issue’ has been published. This issue profiles the pioneer paralegals, the first training, the work done by pioneer paralegals, their challenges and achievements, voices from other community paralegals about the paralegal program and the thoughts of some of the organizers and facilitators. More issues will cover more paralegals.

The magazine is available on our website and at our offices.

We hope you enjoy reading the magazine and be as inspired as we are by these community paralegals, their resolve, determination and achievements.

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