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HRAPF Membership

HRAPF is a membership organisation. It welcomes all people who share its values and aspirations as well as its aims and objectives. The Current number of members is 40.


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To promote respect and observance of human rights of marginalised groups through legal and legislative advocacy, research and documentation, legal and human rights...

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A special internship arrangement exists for fresh university law graduates and finalist students interested in the rights of marginalized groups and are yet to undertake the Bar Course.


Under its strategic plan 2018-2022, HRAPF’s work is implemented under four programs. These are:

Research and Advocacy

The program objective is to enhance research, advocacy and networking for a just and fair legal and policy environment that promote rights...Read More

Community Capacity Enhancement

This is a new thematic/programmatic area that now brings all the work related to capacity building of HRAPF’s target groups together.Read More

Access to Justice Program

Since 2010, HRAPF has been implementing the access to justice program. The program objective is to increase sustainable access to justice...Read More

Institutional Development

The objective of institutional development is to strengthen HRAPF’s institutional capacity, financial independence and operational efficiency...Read More


HRAPF is using the law to help Uganda’s most marginalized people seek justice..

American Jewish World Service - AJWS

In 2014 HRAPF made tremendous achievements. The most remarkable one was taking the lead on the process that led to the nullification of the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014.

Sheila Muwanga - Chairperson, Board of Directors

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