HRAPF joins SMUG in Springfield Massachusetts USA for the first hearing of the case filed against Scott Lively on the persecution of LGBTI persons in Uganda

By hrapf
In January 9, 2013
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On 7th January 2013, the case against American Anti- Gay rights activist Scott Lively was heard by a District Judge for the first time in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. The case seeks to hold Scott Lively accountable for persecution of LGBTI persons and promoting homophobia in Uganda.  The law suit was instituted by Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) an LGBTI umbrella organisation and one of HRAPF’s local partners in fighting for the rights of minorities in Uganda.

This case will go a long way to strengthen efforts against the discrimination of sexual minorities. It will also determine the legality under the Alien Tort Statute (ATS) of activities by US citizens who spread and promote hate propaganda outside the United States.  The case is a positive step in concretising the universality principle of human rights and acts as warning to all American citizens who intend to spread hatred against minorities outside the US. HRAPF was represented at the hearing by the Executive Director Mr. Adrian Jjuuko who attended alongside many other human rights activists.

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