HRAPF Resumes work after 2nd Break-In

By hrapf
In February 19, 2018

On Friday 9th February, HRAPF suffered its second break-in in less than two years. Two guards were gravely injured but nothing was stolen. However, security systems and office doors were damaged. HRAPF held a sit-in at Old Kampala Police station to demand for investigations into the attack and provide security at the premises. A meeting was held with the police station leadership and concessions made, including provision of police protection at the premises. The sit-in was thus called. However considering the damage that had been done to the security system and the psychological impact of the incident on HRAPF staff, management decided to allow the entire staff a week off duty in order to enable them cope with the trauma as well as clear the office premises to facilitate work on repairing the damaged security systems.

We are pleased to inform you that, all these issues having been effectively addressed during the four-day break and that HRAPF is now once again fully operational and open for business. We welcome all our partners, friends, clients and well-wishers who may need our services or wish to offer their support as we continue to work through this difficult period to make the organisation and its personnel more secure. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We apologise for any inconveniences caused by the impromptu break.

Please contact us on our Toll Free Line 0800 130 683 for any further inquiries and legal support.


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