Ugandan Parliament Passes a New Law that Attacks the Right to Freedom of Assembly and Expression

By hrapf
In August 13, 2013
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The 9th Parliament recently passed the Public Order Management Bill amidst cries from opposition political parties and civil society that the bill should not be passed.

The law undermines the enjoyment of human rights- freedom of assembly and expression among others and limits the citizen’s role in governance and demanding for accountability from the state. It prohibits public meetings aimed at discussing government programs and management issues.

Clause 6(a) of the Bill seeks to regulate meetings and penalise Ugandans who will be discussing the failures of government. This not only undermines public participation in decision making but also is contrary to article 29 of the Constitution on freedom of expression, assembly and conscience. It further limits the role of the media in seeking and informing the public on important aspects of governance and development with an important aspect of freedom of expression.

It is a shame for a country that is struggling to develop democratic principles and development that such a bill is passed. Our only hope is that the president never signs it into law.

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